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The Science of Self-Healing Hosted by Dr. Sharon Stills With Special Guest Dr. Lawrence Palevsky - The Ugly Truth of the Current Jabs

Read More About This Interview Here: https://www.biologicalmedicineinstitute.com/lawrence-palevsky

Dr Palevsky Speaks with Cass & Len Arcuri on Their Podcast - Autism Parenting Secrets

Children Want CONNECTION, Not Attention.

A recurring theme throughout this discussion is the importance of HOW we interact with our kids. It’s super useful to be clear on our intent.

Listen to this Powerful Interview with Bards FM: A Conversation with Dr Larry Palevsky

Dr Palevsky Starts at Minute 8:14

The Elevated Podcast: Critical Thinking with Dr Larry Palevsky

In this episode Peter sits down with Dr. Larry Palevsky, a NYS board certified pediatrician.

Topics of conversation include:

*The critical thinking required to raise levels of consciousness & the possible cognitive Dissonance associated w/ such levels of thinking.

*Making sense of SARS-COV-2

*The current mask trend and what it represents.

*The relationship between the Hind, Mid, and Forebrain.

*The impulsive actions that have been facilitated by the current state of fear.

*Devotions to false gods and false prophets.

*Falsification of death certificates.

*The C19 "Injection"...and much more...

Dr Palevsky on The Way Forward Podcast

Dr Palevsky in conversation with Alec Zeck on The Way Forward Podcast. Don't Miss This!

Dr Palevsky on Innovative Medicine:

The Story Behind Vaccines with Dr. Lawrence Palevsky 

Not many topics are as polarizing as vaccines. But with more children and more adults in a chronic state of disease, is the idea that health must come through a needle the right one?

This podcast is dedicated to asking questions and reviewing the data, science, and experience surrounding vaccines. This is the story behind vaccines with Dr. Lawrence Palevsky.

Intelligent Medicine: Vaccine Safety Challenged Part 1

Intelligent Medicine: Vaccine Safety Challenged Part 2

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